Medicinal Cannabis Technology

Canndeo is Agrifibres medicinal cannabis company destined to lead in the emergent field of medicinal cannabis. It is an exciting new area of pharmaceutical development. Solutions for previously intractable conditions are being discovered, and legislation is being readied across the world for this new generation medicine.

AFI is a leader in the breeding of ultra-low THC, elevated CBD industrial hemp plants, expected to address as much as 90% of future medicinal cannabis use. AFI have multiple new proprietary industrial hemp parent lines that will be suitable for this new generation of medicine.

In addition to its proprietary breeds, AFI will be a market leader through its multi-tiered focus on quality: during plant growth, when CBD content and type can vary significantly; during extraction, with proprietary high efficiency and consistency approaches; and with production, using world’s best practice to produce and supply medicines to the market.

From its base in Bundaberg, AFI will obtain licences from Australian and Queensland governments during 2016, enabling supply to the Australian market in 2016 to 2017. We are already in direct discussion with the Queensland government to be a leading supplier, as well as strengthening our connections with the medicinal cannabis research community. AFI has also invested significant resources in understanding key markets in the USA, and will be ready to expand internationally following regulatory approval.

AFI foresees decades of development in medicinal cannabis and a bright future for the field leaders of medicinal plant extracts. A strategic position on proprietary breeds and processing methods, key research partnerships and a focus on intractable medical conditions will bring AFI every prospect of turning the potential of medicinal cannabis into a valuable reality.