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AFI was incorporated in Australia in 1998, bringing together experts in industrial hemp breeding and agricultural practice. Focused initially on food and fibre markets, it has developed subtropical hemp varieties with exceptionally low THC content, and its team is consulted in Australia and internationally on its approaches to hemp development and regulatory approaches for the industrial hemp industry.

 AFI has the most Australian Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) for industrial hemp of any organisation. This field leadership is at the core of AFI, with our existing and new breeds providing superior performance in their application.

In 2016 AFI made two important mergers. IEco Industries is a team of materials experts and product developers, bringing innovation into use of hemp in industrial products. Agricultural Microbes is AFI’s long-term partner in hemp breeding, and brings valuable IP in new-generation medicinal breeds. The two mergers have substantially expanded the core capabilities of AFI and underpin its ambitions to bring hemp to a range of modern products.

AFI is now vertically integrated across hemp breeding, agricultural practice, harvesting practice, product extraction and product development, with expertise in multiple markets of relevance to industrial hemp. In our view, vertical integration across this skillset will ensure AFI’s hemp industry leadership over the next decades.