Food Products Technology

Hemp seed is a unique food source, with a very high nutritional value and pleasing taste. Hemp food products have been sold worldwide for decades. While remaining a niche market (an estimated US$100m per annum in the USA), hemp foods enjoy premium status for oil, milk and seed product.

AFI has developed a number of unique and protected high food value hemp breeds, and during 2016 has seen a number of enabling legislative and regulatory developments in Australia. We are now positioning to develop a new food-based industry in Australia that has significant local and international market growth potential.

AFI has unique breeds including large seed varieties, opening up new possibilities for increased processing efficiency in fresh and processed foods. Our breeds are also optimised for subtropical regions, meaning that they can be grown year around, and make excellent rotation crops for other foods. This positions AFI to enter the market competitively and to bring new value to existing markets, and opportunities to open new fresh and processed food markets internationally.

AFI is currently building seed stock for commencement of food production in 2017, as well as making seed stock available to selected partner farm operations. We are also building partnerships with developers of food products, and anticipate development of new generation foods from hemp in the next two years that leverage the clear advantages of hemp seed as a food source.

With increasing interest in meat free diets for social and environmental reasons, AFI sees a bright future for hemp based food. With innovation and proprietary breeds at the core of our business, AFI is well positioned to be a future international leader in this market.