Construction Technology

Concrete is a reliable building material but very energy intensive to produce, and one of the planet’s biggest contributors to global warming. A range of more sustainable materials and systems are available on the market, but failing to achieve cost effectiveness and scale of deployment required to achieve major change in this industry.

To address this shortcoming, AFI has a thoroughly modern take on the use of hemp for the next generation of buildings, with industrial hemp becoming part of a truly modern construction system. Modular building components from factories create new generation environmentally sustainable buildings that are also cost effective. And cost effectiveness means that industrial hemp enables a genuine solution.

Proprietary technologies of AFI and partners incorporate hemp with complementary new generation materials and a patented steel structural system, capable of rapidly creating buildings from houses to multistorey residential and commercial. Partnerships with field leading architects produce modern designs that are erected in days. And AFI is not only developing the underlying building technology, but also working with factory planners to rapidly deploy this technology across the world.

AFI’s vision is a global production system that is cost effective, environmentally positive, and rapid in operation. Cost structures that enable affordable housing; rapid production that sees thousands of dwellings produced from each factory every year; and an international network of factories that genuinely shifts the construction industry into a sustainable future.

So rather than simply developing a hemp building, AFI sees a construction industry that utilises hemp with other materials to achieve a major advance in environmental, social and economic benefits in the construction industry.