Agri Fibre Industries

Industrial hemp is a remarkable plant. It grows fast and can be used for a wide range of high quality products. It has uses across industries as diverse as food, medicine, fashion, construction and automotive. And it is on the cusp of becoming a major international industry.

Agri Fibre Industries


AFI’s mission is simple – delivering next generation products from industrial hemp.



Agri Fibre Industries


Our developments and products use hemp well, and people will buy our products because they are best in class, not because they use hemp. We invite you to explore AFI’s technology, intellectual property, product development and team, and join with us to become part of this exciting journey.


Medicinal Cannabis

The world is readying for this exciting new pharmaceutical phenomenon.

Food Products

Hemp seed is unique, highly nutritious and tasty as Oil, Milk and Seed Product.

Building Construction

Patented and proprietary next generation materials are about to transform sustainable building

Plastic Composites

Our next generation of materials will need to be more recyclable, more sustainable and maintain superior performance

Industrial Hemp

Industrial hemp is truly a plant for the ambitions of the 21st century. A fast growing crop, it has one of the highest rates of CO2 absorption. It has highly versatile uses for its fibre, hurd (the woody core of the stem), leaves and seeds. It has comparatively low nutrient and water requirements. And it has excellent capability as a rotational crop in tropical and subtropical regions, enabling year-round production alongside traditional food crops.

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Andrew Pippia

A lawyer with 20 years’ experience, Andrew has worked as legal counsel for large corporations for more than 15 years

John Hall

John is an Agricultural scientist with a farming background in Bundaberg Queensland. After graduating from Queensland…

Future Development

Industrial hemp is now being rediscovered worldwide, after decades of being on the fringes of industry. AFI foresees decades of new innovations in hemp – new uses for its extraordinary fibre and hurd, valuable new discoveries from its leaf extracts, and new nutritional applications from its seeds.


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